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Project We Are Here,  will support community youth in challenging current narratives about The Set and its residents by collecting and sharing community voice. Teens will earn $500 stipends to collect 300 narratives from community residents, document the process with photography, and analyze and display their work. More specifically, participating youth will use narrative data to explore strengths of their community and connect with the residents and elders that live in it. They will use data to challenge current narratives by presenting a storytelling and photo portrait exhibition.  Additionally, data themes will become the basis for potential community-rooted interventions for EJS Project, Healthier Delray, and Palm Healthcare Foundation as they utilize collective energies to interrupt social determinants of health-and the impact they have on individual and community life. THANK YOU PALM HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION FOR YOUR SUPPORT WITH STIPENDS, TECHNOLOGY, AND GUIDANCE!!! For more information please contact us.

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